Danfoss Launches Optyma™ Plus INVERTER

News-OptymaPlusInverter-CondensingUnits Danfoss releases its line of inverter packaged condensing units featuring Danfoss variable speed scroll compressor and drive. This range of products delivers the best SEPR result on the market for refrigeration applications in medium temperatures for cooling capacities ranging from 2 to 9 kW.

- Tuesday, 15 March 2016 By Commercial Compressors

Optyma™ Plus INVERTER packaged condensing units combine Danfoss premium design of Optyma™ Plus condensing unit with Danfoss variable speed technology to fulfil three major market requirements of the main commercial refrigeration applications:

  • Capacity modulation
  • High energy efficiency
  • Compliance with F-Gas and Eco Design.

“At Danfoss we continue to develop condensing units which meet market expectations, recently with the extension of the R134a Optyma™ Slim Pack range for F-Gas requirement. Now with Optyma™ Plus INVERTER, we go one step further by offering capacity modulation while not compromising on energy efficiency and compliance with new regulations. Indeed Optyma™ Plus INVERTER has the best Seasonal Energy Performance Ratio (SEPR) of 3.84 on the market today with R407F,” says Erik Roels, Regional Business Development Manager, solutions and new business at Danfoss.


Stepless capacity modulation

With the widest stepless capacity modulation ranging from 30 to 100 rps, Optyma™ Plus INVERTER takes up the challenge of enabling tight temperature control within ±0,3°C and thus, meeting the application needs. It delivers continuous adaptation to varying cooling needs and stable temperature to ensure quality of processes and food supply in refrigeration applications like cold rooms, display cabinets or fermentation rooms. This is the reason why this solution is appropriate for installations with several evaporators allowing a better flexibility for the proper distribution of energy in the connected refrigeration systems, even with different temperature zones. It also secures a continuous adaptation to varying loads even in case of frequent door openings.


Optyma Plus Inverter Illustration: Temperature setting with on/off or variable speed systems


With best energy efficiency

There are several ways to modulate the cooling capacity in refrigeration or air conditioning and heating systems. The most common in air conditioning are: on-off cycling, hot gas bypass, manifold configurations of multiple compressors, mechanical modulation and inverter technology. The variable speed technology is the only one that provides capacity modulation with high energy efficiency. Danfoss inverter scroll technology allows from 20 to 30 % higher energy efficiency for medium temperature refrigeration applications in the range of 2 to 9 kW compared to fixed-speed or mechanically modulated condensing units.

The Permanent Magnet Motor, Inverter Driven Modulation, Intermediate Discharge Valves of the compressor together with the Micro Chanel Condenser contribute to the Olympian SEPR of 3.84. This performance level is certified by Asercom for R407F. The return on investment comes in about one year for applications operating 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

In the frame of the F-Gas and the Eco Design regulations, Optyma™ Plus INVERTER has been developed to operate with R407A and R407F that are today’s alternative refrigerants to R404A. It is Danfoss’s objective to reduce the impact on environment while maintaining the same reliability, safety and competitiveness. Qualification plans for other alternative refrigerants are already confirmed.


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